We saw, interacted, and played with UI everyday without know. As an architect, human behavior hand spatial design are my brain focus. Keep your mind open is really important, you never stop thinking for interface, everything you show need to represent an idea and served something. 
I really enjoyed created new stuff for people around the world. I do a lot of Tshirt, Poster, Mousepad, Bag, but I also worked on Mug, Figure, and recently Book. Some licence I touch: Dota 2, Evolve, Marvel, Starcraft 2, God of War, Mass Effect 3, Terminator, Steven Universe, Power Rangers …
I love book so much than it became an obsessions for me to collect them. After working on my own Artbook for years, I shared my knowledge on the DOTA2 artbook project, and more recently on my new Children book, coming late 2022!